About the Book


Phillip Loparte, Editor of “The Art of the Personal Essay”, said that the personal story is important only “in so far as one’s example can serve to educate a more widespread human trait and make readers feel less lonely and freakish.”


My book opens with personal experiences and questions as to what was happening to me during this new time of my life. Between 1946 and 1966 sixty-seven million Baby Boomers were born in the world, twenty million of which were born in North America. The book looks into the past, present, and future of Baby Boomers. Quotes, illustrations, and humor added to the content will hopefully assist men to feel comfortable reading about a subject that they typically would avoid.

How it began…

The title of the book came as a result of my personal perceptions of how my life started at midlife and how it proceeded as I dealt with my midway downward spirals and upward swings Each chapter addresses an area that typifies midlife  and provides insight how a reader can          “  take control ’’ of the present to have a great future.


Now is the time for an honest, human approach to a subject that troubles men, their partners, and their children. It is time for men to read, discuss, and learn what is happening to them; how they can resolve issues through a host of resources to make it to their golden years!