Midlife Afraid


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It is sad that as male baby boomers approach fifty, many start to be fearful of the next stage in their life cycle.  This may be because so many people and organizations keep the concept of the midlife crisis in the forefront.  What is worse is that in places like Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Australia, thousands of men in their midlife suffer from depression and commit suicide each year.

Part of the problem is that previous generations did not live long after fifty and so there was not a real understanding of midlife issues.  Now we can live to an average of 80 but to achieve this we must be prepared to challenge the concept of a crisis and turn it into a midway.  I am NOT saying that there are not things to worry about or real problems in midlife but by taking control of many of these aspects, we can in fact change our perception of midlife into it being a midway.





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