Midlife Crisis a Myth


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In January 2016 a newspaper article was written that suggested that midlife crisis is a myth which is totally erroneous. Research by University of Alberta, Professor Nancy Galambos was done on a male age group that had not really started midlife. Her information was based upon males ages 29 to 43. If midlife is a myth how does Galambos explain the fact that in Alberta each year 350 men at midlife commit suicide? In all of Canada, USA, and Great Britain, thousands of midlife men commit suicide.

Firstly, most men start midlife around 45, not 40 and so comments up to age 43 are irrelevant with respect to this period of man’s life. Age 50 is when midlife can really set in.

Secondly, midlife is in fact a very true aspect of men’s life but the point that keeps being missed is that it does NOT have to be a crisis!



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