Midlife Death and Aftermath


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Between 1946 and 1964, 67 million baby boomers were born worldwide. Those born in the beginning of this incredible era are now in their 60s and have moved through midlife. Those born in the latter period are now entering midlife.

Shockingly, many baby boomers have not prepared for their own demise nor for their parents for whom they now may be caregivers. I have a 94-year-old mother with dementia. Having gotten all the necessary legal documents done years ago has been a great benefit while trying to deal with her personal needs at this point in her life.

In my book, “Male Baby Boomers’ Midway”, I discuss many aspects of midlife which men and women can use as a guideline while addressing issues, so that middle age is a midway, not a crisis. The philosophy of

‘taking control’ is a critical component in dealing with the issues of death for either themselves or their parents. Author Jim Conway, in his book “Men in Midlife Crisis,” put the issues of death in perspective: “When a man’s parents are still living he is more protected from his own death because he always thinks they will die first. When his parents are gone, he unconsciously knows that he is next in line.” These thoughts are also often felt by women as they go through midlife.


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