Midlife Depression and Suicide


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The issue of depression and suicide for midlife men has come to the forefront. The fact that there are many suicides at a period in a man’s life which should be filled with fulfillment, hope, dreams and the reality of great years ahead is disheartening and unnecessary.

I have gone through midlife as one of the 67 million baby boomers worldwide. I experienced many of the issues that face men at midlife and survived. My research resulted in my self- published book entitled, “Male Baby Boomers’ Midway”.

I wrote this article as a means of supporting the work being done to reduce the stigma of mental illness and depression as part of midlife. Many of men’s midlife problems are unfortunately the result of their own Achilles’ heel, not talking about personal issues. At midlife, a lack of communication by men with their partner, doctor, priest, and other men can bring them to a level of depression that makes a large number see suicide as the only solution. In my home province of Alberta, Canada, where approximately 350 midlife men commit suicide each year, an organization known as “Keep Him Here” works to raise awareness of this crisis..


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