Midlife Family Relationships


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Yes, the world has changed the life of baby boomers. Our

parents wanted more for us, probably because some had experienced the Depression and World War II.

Ironically, their hopes for us became proportionally greater than they dreamed. In our earlier years as young men and women we shook up the social, political, economic, sexual, and music world around us. In our first 45 years of life we changed such areas as marriage, divorce, division of household labor, working, child rearing, lifestyle, finances, and health.

All those changes created a new type of person in each of us. Many of our parents realized that we took some of those changes to extremes and now our generation is starting to realize the consequences as we move through midlife.


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the changes I already mentioned. Firstly, though, I have to admit that many of those changes were part of my own years from age 20 to 45.

With the push from parents, many baby boomers went to university to have a better education, a better job, and better rewards. That was not the only education we got back in the 60s and early 70s. Vietnam, music, pot, and free sex all became part of our new culture. Many of the values of our parents and grandparents disappeared.

Many of us married in our early 20s, had children by our late 20s, and were starting to feel the burden of new responsibilities as a family.

One of the greatest changes that took place due to rising costs for a family was to have a two-person working family.

Our desire for more required greater sacrifices. One noticeable change in the family structure was that the man was not the only ‘bread winner’.


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