Midlife How He and She Changed 


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Over the years, the roles of a woman as both as a mother and wife have changed dramatically. The days of your mother or grandmother have given way to a new, stronger woman.

Most women, now in midlife, were married in their 20s. The norm was to be at home while the husband earned ‘the bread’. The shift likely started because of the need for a larger household income for what was perceived as new needs or wants bringing an increased demand for women to be better educated , more independent, and to contribute to the to the family needs or wants in a different way.

Once the children were in daycare or school, women had the opportunity to further their education or learn a new skill. Either way, the kids became ‘latch key children’ who came home from school and had to handle new responsibilities.

Sometimes the female partner got a job that had higher earnings than the male partner which in some cases led to self – esteem issues for the male.  In other cases, men started to be the stay at home dad. With these changes women found that they needed greater independence, and to participate in future family plans. This self-confidence growth by midlife started to become either a liability or an asset to the family structure.

The new structure at midlife was an empty nest as the children grew up and moved away. The new relationship for husband and wife meant successfully making adjustments to living together without the children, and the increased awareness of their own individuality.


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