Midlife New Partner


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I wrote an article about marital issues that arise in midlife and that often result in divorce. Right now, 50% of midlifers get divorced and surprisingly, 50% are initiated by the woman. The impact of divorce is far reaching, affecting both partners, children, other family members and friends of the partners.

I do not advocate divorce but if life is truly bad for both parties then they should move on and do it as amicably as possible for the sake of themselves and any children. Remember that each of you could have another 30 years to live, and being happy makes life much more enjoyable.

With the decision to move on comes the reality of being alone. For women, this process seems much easier because they have developed a support group with other women. Men tend to flounder when first



divorced because they have developed neither the friendships nor the skills of talking about personal matters with others.

But after some time, midlife males or females will want to seek out a new partner with whom to enjoy their senior years. Finding a new compatible partner is another midlife adventure.

One great benefit of a new marriage or common-law relationship at midlife is that both parties tend to be more mature and understanding of each other. This fact alone makes the relationship stronger and more beautiful in terms of how each treats the other.



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